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Shake the fake

19 Apr

Fake by shortie66 @ Flickr

Here’s a tip, and I won’t even charge you!

When you’re working to build a reputation – it is imperative that you tell the truth and represent yourself honestly at all times. Actually, that’s important even when you’re NOT building a reputation!

Everything, EVERYTHING, is so transparent these days – mainly thanks to social media. And that’s a good thing. But don’t say you’re doing something that you’re not doing, because someone will catch you out quicker than you can say “it was a typo”.

False airs and graces are just arrogant and annoying, and you will trip over yourself. I’ve seen it happen too many times. People who sell themselves as something they are not. People who claim to be proficient in things they have only a surface knowledge of.

The competition is fierce, folks. If you tell a client you can do something, you’d better be able to do it and do it well, because there’s always someone who can see through your smoke and mirrors routine.

Come clean. Be honest. Tell them you’re not proficient but you’re willing to learn. That will take you a hell of a lot further than faking it until you make it!

Image courtesy of shortie66 @ Flickr

What to do?

18 Apr

Image courtesy of mintlipgloss @ FlickrI’m plagued by this dilemma which recurs every now and again.

It’s not uber-important.

The only person worried about it is [apparently] me.

But, it’s a dilemma nonetheless.

My current contract has me working at a large insurance company based here in town, and I’m part of a project that is detailed in a “playbook”.

When the latest version of the playbook was launched, I attended the meeting and I learned what I needed to know about the new playbook.

All’s well that ends well, right?

So, when I received a notification that there would be three more opportunities to view the launch, I was excited for the chance to reinforce what I had learned at the previous showing.

I then read that this “new” event was the same as the original event, and thought to myself that I had already seen it, so I really didn’t need to see it again.

Then the wave of questions hit …

… what if someone asks a question that wasn’t asked at the previous viewing?

… what if I miss the really important answer to that question?

… I really need to go to all the sessions!

Then I have to take stock and snap back to reality. The only people who need to attend all the sessions are the presenters. If there is anything earthshattering they need to share, they will let us all know.

Please let them let us know!

Image courtesy of mintlipgloss @ Flickr

Thought for the day

16 Apr

Urgent does not necessarily equal important.


I trust my inne…

15 Apr

I trust my inner skeptic. My gut feelings haven’t let me down so far when it comes to people posing as friends.

Daily Prompt: Odd Couple

31 Mar

Vintage ad Miracle Wall CleanerNot sure if I qualify for the WordPress Post A Day, coming in three months late, but I love the idea of the Daily Prompt. So, I’m jumping in, regardless.

The question is: Does a messy home (or office) make you anxious and cranky, or is cleaning something you just do before company comes over?

I won’t touch on the (or office) because I work in a collaborative space that is generally tidy because of the transient nature of its occupants.


My home? A totally different matter!

It is a mess. It’s untidy. It’s not unclean. It’s not unsanitary. It’s just full of stuff. And no matter how often I vow to simplify, no matter how many episodes of Hoarders I watch, it never seems to be any less cluttered.

I don’t feel any anxiety or stress when people visit, though. I usually apologize for the mess and tell them that it’s always like this. After all, they are here to see me, and not my home, right?

I do tidy a little before people come over, but I wouldn’t say I clean. Cleaning is something that is done on a routine basis, not on a special occasion. I’ve tried numerous systems – the House Fairy, Clean Mama – I’ve printed out the checklists and the prompts, and I always seem to end up vowing to play catch-up. And that never happens.

The messiness does make me cranky occasionally, when I realize that there are three capable pairs of hands in this house, and there is only one pair of hands actually doing anything closely related to housework.

And today. Once again. I vow to change that.


31 Mar

RTFM you must! Courtesy of icanhazcheezeburger.comI’m no good at improvising. No good at all.

Give me a good set of instructions, and I’m right there. Even a recipe that I’ve made for decades requires a sheet of paper with a list of ingredients, and the instructions for making whatever it is I may be cooking.

And this only occurred to me this morning. It’s taken me 52 years to realize that I can follow instructions but I don’t trust my own brain, my own intuition. No wonder I’m so far behind the 8-ball!

HOWever …

RTFM? No way! I stash manuals in my kitchen drawer. I have FMs for kids toys dating back to the Bratz Ice Castle, and maybe even before that. I have a FM for my 1958 KitchenAid mixer … a thrift shop find, with the TFM sought out as an afterthought. Do I ever RT(hese)FMs? No. The first place I go when I have a problem with anything is maybe the same place that you go when you have a problem with anything … Google.

Computer problems are a breeze. I just work on different solutions, fiddle around with stuff, try my own workarounds until I get the desired result. No FM or instruction sheet required there! So why is it that I have a problem with recipes, diets, knitting and crochet patterns, and the like?


Case in point: I joined WeightWatchers once. They give you little booklets that tell you exactly what you’re supposed to eat. I followed the instructions to a “t” and lost the weight I was expected to lose. Then …

… Week 10 happened.

By Week 10, you’re supposed to have gained the insight required to go it alone. You’ve been given the tools. You learned everything you were supposed to learn by following TFM for 10 weeks, for goodness sakes! It’s like the momma bird pushing the baby bird out of the nest – go forth independently.

BUT THERE IS NO FM TO FOLLOW! Help! I’m flailing around here, with nothing to guide me.

AND I gain back all the weight I lost while I was RTFM.

My workaround right now is to make a menu plan, print off all the recipes I need for the week (storing a copy safely in Evernote just in case), creating a shopping list from those recipes, and trying my hardest not to stray!

So far, it’s working.

But I still have to look up the recipe for Over The Rainbow Mac & Cheese. Every. Single. Time.

I’m sure I’ll adapt

30 Mar

After having a blog for EVER on, I’m reverting back to until I can get some issues sorted out with the other one.

I don’t really want to lose 12 years worth of “stuff”, but if I have to, so be it. The domain name and hosting package lapsed at a time when I needed to spend the renewal money on other things – like feeding and clothing children (and myself!)

Ah, priorities!

So, I find myself thinking of stuff all the time that I’d love to blog. Usually just because I think that people get tired of hearing me rattle on over on my Facebook wall. So, I’ll just go ahead and rattle on here instead, k?

The first thing I notice with the “new” is the similarity to Tumblr when you click on “New Post”.


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