Tanka for the Twenty-first Century

9 Jun

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Post in spurts, then you forget
A social media fail


Banana Butter

9 Jun

I knew I was keeping those ripe bananas for something!

Eating Whole

IMG_8082s title

I not only love this recipe because of it’s simplicity, but it’s SO delicious!  I use it on waffles, pancakes, in smoothies, on hot quinoa cereal, basically anywhere you’d use nut butter!  I recommend letting the flavors meld for 30 minutes after you mix it up (makes the flavors pop more!). 

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Mental Health Awareness Month

5 Jun

Mental Health Awareness Month.

A very informative post from ChronicleMe

Let me out

5 Jun

Trapped in a space that’s
white, clean, pristine, clinical
Not what she’s used to
She aches to come home again
She should be with family


My child

4 Jun

Yes, she’s a loner
Wandering around solo
She texts. Sends pictures
She’s never really alone
We hang on her every word



Summer Dreams

2 Jun

Summer Dreams

Summer starts tomorrow for Paris and Ciel. A summer of band camps, smattered all over the calendar.

I’m not planning on taking any time off work – maybe just a day here and there to take a day trip. Summer vacation had been planned, but circumstances have caused those plans to be canceled.

When I was younger, summer was a given – we’d pack up the car and head down to Eccles-on-Sea and live in a caravan for 3 months. Around these (US) parts, that maybe known as a mobile home. Except, it wasn’t really a mobile home. It was definitely a caravan.

Aunts and cousins were there, also. And friends we’d made through the years. I still keep in touch with some of those friends, even today. Facebook is a wonderful thing!

Days were spent wading in the sea, building castles, digging in the sand, playing Go To Coventry. Evenings were spent telling ghost stories, or sitting around a fire, or running from caravan to caravan. As we got older, we experimented with hard cider. Eccles is where I had my first under-age hangover, and where my brother got freaked out about a HUGE rabbit hole that appeared in front of him and grew as he tried to sidestep around it! Thank you, Bulmers. Thank you.

What does your summer look like?


1 Jun


Tanka has become my “blockage-eradictor”. Get stuck? Write tanka!

I was inspired last week to listen to the Psybient channel on Songza. I heard about it on a podcast, and I wish I could remember which one. The host was talking about using music for productivity and said that he found the tunes on the Psybient channel helped him focus. So I tried. And came to the same conclusion.

Heres my tanka about the Psybient channel …

psybient, chill out
tune in, turn on, drop out, k?
enhanced by psycho dub drop
getting work done at warp speed


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