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What to do?

18 Apr

Image courtesy of mintlipgloss @ FlickrI’m plagued by this dilemma which recurs every now and again.

It’s not uber-important.

The only person worried about it is [apparently] me.

But, it’s a dilemma nonetheless.

My current contract has me working at a large insurance company based here in town, and I’m part of a project that is detailed in a “playbook”.

When the latest version of the playbook was launched, I attended the meeting and I learned what I needed to know about the new playbook.

All’s well that ends well, right?

So, when I received a notification that there would be three more opportunities to view the launch, I was excited for the chance to reinforce what I had learned at the previous showing.

I then read that this “new” event was the same as the original event, and thought to myself that I had already seen it, so I really didn’t need to see it again.

Then the wave of questions hit …

… what if someone asks a question that wasn’t asked at the previous viewing?

… what if I miss the really important answer to that question?

… I really need to go to all the sessions!

Then I have to take stock and snap back to reality. The only people who need to attend all the sessions are the presenters. If there is anything earthshattering they need to share, they will let us all know.

Please let them let us know!

Image courtesy of mintlipgloss @ Flickr


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